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Firenze is a tourist landmark and has therefore a large offer of hotels in any categories. However, due to the fact that several events can run concurrently in the majority of the year, booking in advance is strongly suggested.

Here is a list of hotels in Firenze downtown, at walking distance from the CBMI 2017 conference location.

Booking of reserved rooms is to be done by attendees.
Note: due to the hotels summer high season and their many bookings, we suggest participants hurry to book their hotel before May.

People are welcome to also look for their own arrangements via other websites and check for better prices:

among the others.

4 star hotels

Grand Hotel Baglioni

Historical hotel in the city center
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Hotel Londra

Modern hotel next to main station
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Grand Hotel Adriatico

Comfortable and functional
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Hotel Athenaeum

10 min. walk from Duomo
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Hotel Rivoli

14th-century Franciscan monastery
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Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

Overlooking the Arno river
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3 stars hotels

Hotel Corona d’Italia

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Hotel Palazzo Vecchio

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Hotel San Giorgio

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2 stars hotels

Hotel Medici

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Hotel Lombardi

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Hotel monica

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