Camera ready

The CBMI 2017 workshop adheres to the ACM paper formatting guidelines. When preparing your camera ready submission, please follow strictly the ACM guidelines. By failing to do so, we risk having your paper refused for publishing in the ACM Digital Library.

Please pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • The template has changed, as this year the proceedings are published by ACM.
  • With the new templates, articles may grow longer, therefore, you are allowed to use an additional page over the initial limits for having the bibliographic references only.
  • The camera ready submission deadline: May 23. This is requested by the editor to ensure the proper processing of the proceedings given the new format.

To successfully create your camera ready paper, please follow the steps below:

  1. ACM has developed a new webpage which contains the new proceedings templates and CC2012 guide here:
    If you have any problems with the templates, please contact ACM’s TeX support team at Aptara (
    3) upload a .zip file containing the PDF of the formatted page, along with source files on the CMT3 site used to submit the paper.
  2. Address the reviewers’ recommendations sent to you via the notification email and also available on your CMT3 submission account;
  3. Proofread your paper thoroughly as no further revision will be possible after submitting the camera ready. The paper will appear in the proceedings as is;
  4. Build your PDF file and prepare a .zip file containing all the sources needed to create the PDF, as well as the PDF itself;
  5. Submit the .zip file to your CMT3 account;